wtorek, 10 czerwca 2008

Tomasz Sikorski (1939-1988)

If Morton Feldman was contemporary music's Brian Eno, Sikorski, a Polish composer, should have been its Syd Barrett. An unsung proto-minimalist classic, an increasingly reclusive figure, died alone of alcohol O. D.
There is a strong obsessive quality to his music, which was his extremely singular take on minimalism. Absolutely essential stuff.
For an unknown reason, there are no CDs of his music. I found these files on soulseek, all of them are in 320 mp3. 9 compositions, 200 megabytes of stuff in three chunks which can be downloaded simultaneously.
Dig it.

PART 1 (divshare)
PART 2 (mediafire)
PART 3 (mediafire)

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juan pisze...

Thanks a lot, very interesting
music and good sound.

thanks again and best for you


warmpoison pisze...

Killer! Thanking the you for all these. Tip Top.

Cao Sao Vang pisze...

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I listen this artist at first time! And this is great music! Eugene.

Cao Sao Vang pisze...

Text in "Sickness Unto Death" by Sygdommen til Døden / The Sickness Unto Death, 1849

marek m pisze...

could you reposte links 2 and 3 causethey ane no more valid on mediafire thanks