środa, 16 lipca 2008

Summer Music pts. 3 & 4 - Golden & Popol Vuh

Sorry guys for not updating; have been busy doing nothing by the Mediterranean and just about to be busy with the same by the Baltic Sea. So, sorry for no covers, just links.
Golden was (is?) a band consisting of four people who made their names in other, more famous, bands like Trans Am, The Mars Volta, Make Up or Six Finger Satellite; the thing is, Golden was their first band. Sounds like none of the mentioned. The band's self-described "boogie-rock, as played in the 70s, with West African guitar music influences" made for "Golden Summer", my album of the year 2000, let alone that year's cold summer. Here is the vinyl rip; I do promise the cover shots in future.

And Popol Vuh? Got my hands on it in the scorching summer of 1994. Their best album, slightly different from the rest of the band's oeuvre. Piano, electric guitar and female vocals. Deeply spiritual, Christian atmosphere. Ranks among the most blissful music ever made, albeit carefully composed. Enjoy.