środa, 25 czerwca 2008

Summer Music pt. 1: JR

Wherever you guys can be, I am on the northern hemisphere and the summer has just begun. This here is the first instalment in my 'summer music' series. Quite literally: each of the albums featured here I was listening to on a one fine summer. This particular record made my summer 2002.
It's difficult to make out the basic info from the cover, especially if you don't speak Spanish. "127" is the title, and the name of the band is JR. The music is slow, scorching and suffocating, mostly acoustic, but with a few electronic touches. Not too far from what Calla or Songs:Ohia did at the time, but these Spanish guys were a year or so ahead of their American counterparts.
I was surprised to find this great disc from 1999 still in print (it's on Acuarela Records) and this great band still making records. Anyway, try this gem in my trusty ogg 500 format.

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