sobota, 14 czerwca 2008

Harmony of the Spheres - v/a, 1996

Somebody called this album 'the best drone compilation ever'; I'd say that Drunken Fish, the label behind this gem, could have named it 'The Shape of Music to Come'. In 1996, the artists featured were just a bunch of obscure psych acts defying the regimes of grunge, triphop, and post-rock equally successfully. A few years passed and they're all household names; moreover, everybody and their dog plays like one of them.
Originally released as a 3xLP edition, with each artist given one side; the thing was also available as a double CD.
A: Bardo Pond - "Sangh Seriatim"
B: Flying Saucer Attack - "Since When" pts. 1-4
C: Jessamine - "22:30"
D: Roy Montgomery - "Fantasia on a Theme by Sandy Bull"
E: Loren MazzaCane Connors - 4 songs
F: Charalambides - "Naked in Our Deathskins"
Get A and B here
Get C here
Get D, E and F here
and enjoy the sound quality of the .ogg files. The bitrate is somewhat lower than 500, though.

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finsaah pisze...

Thanks, I've just bought the vinyl of this so now I'll have something for the ipod.

finsaah pisze...

or maybe not as it's OGG!

mietek pisze...

been always told oggs sound better. worse than vinyl, though. is it still in print?
cheers - M