sobota, 14 czerwca 2008

Mark Kozelek - Rock'n'Roll Singer, 2000

If you tend to agree with me that Sun Kil Moon's "April" is the weakest album from Mark Kozelek since 1996 (or maybe ever), please enjoy one of the man's moments of glory. When it came out, it was sort of a postcard to us, Red House Painters fans whose faith was just beginning to shake. 30 minutes, 7 songs including 4 unexpected covers (three songs by AC/DC and one by John Denver), but the originals keep the thing going. "Ruth Marie" and especially "Find Me, Ruben Olivares" make for some of the most essential shit from Koz.
Encoded in my trustworthy 500 kbs .ogg format. Get songs 1-6 here and the aforementioned "Ruth Marie" here.

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