niedziela, 18 maja 2008

Big Star - "Radio City", 1973

The thing is, this album is available only as a part of a twofer with their "#1 Record". The above must be the vinyl LP cover.
By the time of recording the album, Big Star had become a trio led by Alex Chilton. Much wilder sound than their first record, and more coherent than "Third/Sister Lovers", which followed next. No weak points on this one, really. Alex Chilton is the greatest rhythm guitarist ever. Also, I'm normally not a production freak, but the bright and punchy drums make this one sound as if it were recorded in the 1990s and not the same year as Houses of the Holy. Or Acnalbasac Noom, for that matter.
Speaking of sound quality, I encoded the whole thing in my trademark 500 kbs .ogg format.
Please enjoy one of my Top Ten records ever: SIDE A and SIDE B.

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good man!!

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it's all for you!